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#60 Greatest HR in Yankee History

October 7, 2012

October 1947 | DiMaggio, Joe Page & Larry MacPhail celebrate winning the World Series (Sports Illustrated)

Joe DiMaggio | World Series Game 5 | vs. Brooklyn Dodgers | 10/4/1947

In a classic Subway Series duel that eventually went 7 games, game 5 would prove to be a turning point in a series deadlocked at 2-2.  The Yankees opened up the scoring in the top of the 4th when Spec Shea singled home Aaron Robinson.  Then, with 1 out in the top of the 5th, DiMaggio provided the winning margin with a towering shot into the left field seats.  In the bottom of the 6th Jackie Robinson would halve the Yankee lead with a single, but it would be the only run Shea would allow over 9 innings in a 2-1 Yankee victory.  Propelled by Joltin’ Joe’s heroics, the Yanks would go on to win their 11th Fall Classic two days later.

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