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Numbers | 1,520

October 10, 2012

Doc Adkins spent just one season in New York (1903 with the Highlanders), yet is still a member of the Yankee family

In the vast and storied history of the New York Yankees, spanning 109 years, 1,520 men have worn the pinstripes (sort of–pinstripes first appeared on the uniforms in 1912).  From A to Z, David Aardsma to Paul Zuvella, only a select few have been able to call the greatest franchise in the history of sport their own.

Some have been legends like DiMaggio and Mantle.  Some died too young like Gehrig and Munson.  Some were humble like Rivera and Bernie, while others were mercurial like Reggie and Billy Martin.  Some led by quiet example like Mattingly and others led with fire, like O’Neill.  Some were members of dynasties while others suffered through long pennant droughts.  Some called Hilltop Park home, others the Polo Grounds, Shea Stadium, or Yankee Stadium in its various forms.  Some were fixtures of ball clubs for years, while others made only a brief appearance beneath New York’s bright lights.  Some are remembered, many are forgotten, but all are inextricably linked to the proud tradition of the Yankees.

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