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#52 Greatest HR in Yankee History

October 12, 2012

Mattingly had a way of quietly electrifying the Stadium

Don Mattingly | ALDS Game 2 | vs. Seattle Mariners | 10/4/1995

In the bottom of the 6th of a 2-2 game against the Mariners, Don Mattingly hit one of the biggest homers of his life.  Ruben Sierra had just tied the game with a solo shot to open the inning, bringing up the Yankee captain.  As he stepped into the box the crowd already began to roar, pleading with the baseball gods to let “Donnie Baseball” have his moment in his final game in Yankee Stadium.  On the second pitch of the at bat Mattingly delivered.

The fans want a dinger outta him…  This one by Mattingly!… ooooooh, hang onto the roof!  Gooooodbye!  Home run!  DON Mattingly!

| Gary Thorne, NBC announcer |

It is one of my favorite crowd reactions of all-time.  It’s one of the loudest sustained roars I’ve ever heard out of the Stadium.  The bleachers boiled.  As the NBC cameras panned the upper deck, a steady rain of beer and soft pretzels descended on the seats below.  But no one cared.  That moment was for Donnie.  It was the first and only postseason home run of his career, but the fans let him know how much it meant to them.  The Yanks would win the game 7-5 in 15 innings on a walk off home run by Jim Leyritz.

Watch a video of the home run here.

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