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On This Day In History | 1995

October 12, 2012

Kramer & O’Neill (IMDB)

On this day 17 years ago an episode of Seinfeld featuring Paul O’Neill aired on NBC.  Entitled “The Wink,” the episode revolved around a piece of grapefruit and the chaos it wrought.  Jerry accidentally squirts grapefruit juice in George’s eye, causing George to wink uncontrollably.  This leads to several misinterpretations including Kramer thinking that George wants him to sell a birthday card for George Steinbrenner, that has been signed by the entire Yankee organization, so that they can split the profits.  When George asks Kramer to get it back Kramer finds out it was sold and given to a terminally ill boy in the hospital.  In order to get it back, Kramer promises the boy that O’Neill will hit 2 home runs in the next game, just for him.  In an effort to help the process along Kramer, after somehow getting into the Yankee clubhouse, speaks to Paul O’Neill in person:

KRAMER: Mr. O’Neill?

O’NEILL: Yeah.

KRAMER: Yeah, uh, look, you don’t know me.

O’NEILL: I can give you an autograph there, but my pen’s kind of screwed up. You’d only like half a “P” or something.

KRAMER: No, it’s uh, not that see. It’s about a little boy in a hospital. I was wondering if you could do something to lift his spirits.

O’NEILL: Sure, I could help you there.

KRAMER: Sure, well I promised you would hit him two home runs.

O’NEILL: Say what?

KRAMER: You know, Klick! A couple of dingers.

O’NEILL: You promised a kid in the hospital that I would hit two home runs?

KRAMER: Yeah, well, no good?

O’NEILL: Yeah. That’s no good. It’s terrible. You don’t hit home runs like that. It’s hard to hit home runs. And where the heck did you get two from?

KRAMER: Two is better than one.

O’NEILL: That, that’s ridiculous. I’m not a home run hitter.

KRAMER: Well, Babe Ruth did it.

O’NEILL: He did not.

KRAMER: Oh, do you say that Babe Ruth is a liar?

O’NEILL: I’m not calling him a liar but he was not stupid enough to promise two.

KRAMER: Well, maybe I did overextend myself.

O’NEILL: How the heck did you get in here anyway?

On the day of the game O’Neill hits one out, then in the 8th scores what looks like an inside-the-park home run until it is ruled a triple and an error.  Kramer is eventually able to get the card back, but only after another outrageous promise.

Oh, by the way, tomorrow night, Paul O’Neill has to catch a fly ball in his hat.

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