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#41 Greatest HR in Yankee History

October 15, 2012

Ruth watches his game-winner soar to right

Babe Ruth | Ultimate Grand Slam | vs. Chicago White Sox | 9/24/1925

The Yankees were mired in a horrific season, sitting in 7th place in the American League and trailing the first place Washington Senators by 30 games.  The 5th place team, the Chicago White Sox, were in town and in the bottom of the 10th inning the Yanks trailed 5-2, three outs away from yet another defeat.  However, one glimmer of hope remained for the men in pinstripes.  With one out and the bases loaded the game’s most prolific hitter approached the batter’s box.

With only 1,000 people in the stands of Yankee Stadium, Ruth connected with a pitch from Sarge Connally and won the game, 6-5,  on a walk-off grand slam, one of only two home runs Connally gave up in 1925 in 104.2 innings pitched.  It was only the 2nd time ever that a game had ended on a grand slam with a team trailing by 3 runs.  The first occured on 9/10/1881 when Roger Connor of the National League Troy Trojans single-handedly beat the Worcester Ruby Legs 8-7.  Connor’s shot also has the distinction of being the first grand slam in Major League history.  The feat of an “Ultimate Grand Slam” is so rare that when Ruth passed away in 1948 only 3 men had accomplished it and since then only 19 others have joined ranks.

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