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#36 Greatest HR in Yankee History

October 17, 2012

Knoblauch’s blast ties game 1 of the Series (AP)

Chuck Knoblauch | World Series Game 1 | vs. San Diego Padres | 10/17/1998

I don’t know about demons or redemption, but it was definitely a fun night.

| Chuck Knoblauch |

In their first Fall Classic game since their Game 6 victory over Atlanta in 1996, the Yankees looked poised to continue their dominance, bringing a 121-50 record into Game 1.  With ace David Wells on the mound the New York faithful anticipated a quick start, but the boisterous Padres were not intimidated as they pounded out 3 home runs, two by Greg Vaughn and another by Tony Gwynn that caromed off the front of the right field upper deck.

With only 9 outs remaining, the Yankees entered the 7th inning trailing 5-2.  Kevin Brown, after pitching six solid innings, ran into trouble after a 1-out single by Jorge Posada, followed by a Ricky Ledee double.  With Chuck Knoblauch in the on deck circle, Donne Wall came out of the bullpen tasked with snuffing out the Yankee rally.  Knoblauch was in dire need of a big hit after his disastrous error in judgment in Game 2 of the ALCS that led to a Cleveland victory.  In one prolific at bat Knoblauch redeemed both himself and his team by sending Wall’s third pitch into the second row of the left field stands, just out of Vaughn’s reach.  Later that same inning Tino Martinez would K.O. the Padres with his Grand Slam into the right field upper deck, capping a remarkable 7-run inning.

And the 2-1… swung on and drilled deep to left! Did he get enough? Vaughn back, at the wall, he leaps… see ya! Home run Chuck Knoblauch and the Yankees have tied the game at 5! Oh, all is forgiven by the New York fans, as Knoblauch goes deep, a huge three-run home run, and the Stadium’s up for grabs!

| Michael Kay, Yankees radio announcer |

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