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#24 Greatest HR in Yankee History

October 19, 2012

The Mick crushes his 500th home run

Mickey Mantle | 500th HR | vs. Baltimore Orioles | 5/14/1967

The Mick was symbolic of the state of the Yankee in 1967.  Having fallen from their former glory, the Bombers were in the midst of an 11-year stretch in which they would not make the playoffs.  The Commerce Comet was burning a little less brightly as well as batting average dipped to .245 and he registered just 55 RBIs and 22 home runs.  But he still had a milestone left in him.

He looked uncomfortable at bat, weaker, a little off balance, but in the 7th inning The Mick took a pitch from Stu Miller into the right field stands as a crowd of just 18,872 roared with the noise of a packed house.  As the Mick hobbled around the bases on aching knees, the fans thanked him for being their hero, for leading the Yanks to 7 World Series titles, for his effortless speed and power that filled the dreams of a generation of young boys.  It was his last great moment, a bittersweet one, but a crowning achievement that only two other men have ever accomplished in pinstripes.

The Yanks beat the Orioles that day 6-5.

Check out Mantle’s last great home run here.

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