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#21 Greatest HR In Yankee History

October 21, 2012

A baseball card from Topps’ 1961 set shows the trajectory of Mantle’s blast (Topps)

Mickey Mantle | 565 Feet | vs. Washington Senators | 4/17/1953

In only his 3rd season in the Big Leagues, Mickey Mantle was rapidly fashioning a legend of mythic proportions.  In a 7-3 victory over the Senators, the young center fielder added to that legend by crushing one of the most revered home runs in Major League history, a 565-foot blast that helped coin the term “tape-measure home run.”

In the 3rd inning, with the Yanks up 2-1 and Yogi Berra on 1st base, The Mick tattooed a pitch by Eddie Lopat that sailed to left field and out of Griffith Stadium.  Only 2 others home runs, by Joe DiMaggio and Jimmie Foxx, had been hit out of Griffith to left field, but Mickey’s had the distinction of leaving the park without caroming off any seats.  Mickey’s ball sailed over the left field wall 391 feet from home plate, over the back wall of the stadium 69 feet beyond that, off of a scoreboard atop that wall, and out of the park.  The ball finally came to rest in the backyard of a house four houses down a bystreet across from the stadium.

Adding to the story of the monumental blast was Yankee publicity director Arthur E. Patterson who measured the moonshot with a tape measure, helping to coin the term “tape-measure home run.”  The Guinness Book of World Records lists the blast as the longest home run to be measured at the time it was hit.

That was the hardest ball I ever hit.

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