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October 25, 2012

Russ Ford shows off the interlocking “NY” cap in 1911 (Bain News Service)

The iconic interlocking “NY” logo of the New York Yankees was created 26 years before the franchise even began.  It was designed by Louis B. Tiffany of Tiffany and Co. in 1877 and struck on a medal given to the first New York City police officer shot in the line of duty.  Legend has it the officer, John McDowell, was attempting to shake down a local saloon owner when he was shot.

The Highlanders adopted the logo in 1909 for their caps and the left sleeve of their jerseys, perhaps because Bill Devery, one of the club’s owners, was a former NYC police chief.  The design replaced a separated “N” and “Y” utilized since 1903, save for 1905 when a precursor of the interlocking “NY” was used.

The Evolution of a Logo

1903-1904, 1906-1908



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