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A Yankee Bucket List

8/8/2009 | Dad and I meet one of the greats: Paul O'Neill

8/8/2009 | Dad and I meet one of the greats: Paul O’Neill

A lot of people have a Bucket List and I am no exception.  I would love to see a great white shark in the wild, visit Ireland, and see a Notre Dame game in South Bend (yes, in that order).  As a diehard Yankee fan here is my Bomber Bucket List.  Feel free to add your own in the comment section.

  1. See a World Series Game | 10/29/2009
  2. Visit Monument Park | 10/21/2001 (0ld); 10/29/2009 (new)
  3. See a walk-off home run | 10/21/2001 (Soriano); 8/4/2004 (A-Rod)
  4. Sit 1st row on the Yankee dugout | 8/18/2003
  5. Get on the field | 8/7/2011 (Damon Runyan 5K)
  6. Meet a New York Yankee | 8/8/2009 (O’Neill); 10/29/2009 (Leyritz); 8/7/2011 (Roy White); 11/17/2012 (Bernie)
  7. See a Yankees/Red Sox game | 9/11/1999; 7/4/2003
  8. Attend Derek Jeter’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony
  9. Attend Mariano Rivera’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony
  10. See a grand slam | 10/1/2011 (Cano); 8/1/2012 (Cano)
  11. See a Subway Series game | 5/20/2005
  12. Catch a foul ball/BP ball
  13. See a milestone | 8/4/2007 (A-Rod’s 500th HR)
  14. See a World Series clincher
  15. Have a beer at Yankee Tavern, where the Babe once bought post-game rounds
  16. Bang on Freddy Sez’ pan
  17. Attend spring training
  18. Go to Opening Day
  19. See an Old-Timers’ Day game | 7/12/1997
  20. See a game from a luxury box
  21. Do the roll call with the Bleacher Creatures
  22. See a playoff win | 10/21/2001 (ALCS); 10/1/2001 (ALDS)
  23. See a brawl (saw a Mets/Cubs one as a kid, but that doesn’t count)
  24. Get a Yankee autograph | 8/8/2009 (O’Neill); 10/29/2009 (Leyritz); 11/17/2012 (Bernie)
  25. Have a pre-game beer in Stan’s Sports Bar
  26. See a Notre Dame game at Yankee Stadium
  27. See a Game 7
  28. See the plaques at Cooperstown | 11/26/2004
  29. Go to a ticker-tape parade
  30. Be a beat writer for the New York Yankees

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  1. January 20, 2013 4:09 PM

    I was going to say ‘see a grand slam’, but that’s one of them already. I saw 2 grand slams in my lifetime: 8/13/11 (Jorge Posada), 8/13/12 (Nick Swisher). 🙂

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